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Naish Hover 120 Crossover SUP/Windsurf Foilboard
Naish Hover 120 Crossover SUP/Windsurf Foilboard


Naish Hover 120 Crossover SUP/Windsurf Foilboard


Length - 7'6"

Width - 30"

Thickness - 4 5/8"

Volume - 120 litres

Get more out of your investment with this 3-in-1, multi-sport crossover. Two 10” US boxes create a bottom track system that makes it simple and convenient to switch between sports. To SUP-foil, simply set to the forward position. For windsurf-foiling, set to the backmost position and affix a sail to the mast track deck box and attach footstraps to a multitude of insert positions. Ready for an old-fashioned SUP-surfing session? Take advantage of the quad fin setup and compact shape of this mini simmons-inspired design to log some time on the waves.

Hint: this shape is especially fun on small, mushy waves. 

Short, wide and unbelievably stable, the Hover 120 is as accessible as it is versatile. Featuring a huge sweet spot for its length, this board is a great choice for beginner foilers, while those more experienced can position the foil further back for greater maneuverability. Easily fitting riders of all sizes, the Hover 120 SUP/Windsurf foilboard is the ultimate choice for any waterman who loves to do it all. Cronulla SUP