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John Mingramm

Local Surfer, Paddleboarder and ex Wave Ski Champion John ‘Mingo’ Mingramm has been around the surf scene his whole life. John started Surfing Cronulla in his early tean’s riding both shortboards & longboards.

John an allround waterman was also a great Wave Ski rider, he competed all around the world and even represented Australia in the World Championships in South Africa.

Mingo earnt himself the nick name ‘Pinko Mingo’ dropping in on bombs out Cronulla Point on his pink goat boat! Heavy!!! You can catch the legend your self down at the shop drinking exspensive coffee or hassling his son Todd to get his work done, or if your out the surf you will for sure see him dropping in on you!

Chances are if you bought a board of us and your rail tape is on straight then ‘Old Man Mingo’ probably did it!

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