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NAISH ALANA GTW SUP 2019 (9.5 & 10.6)
NAISH ALANA GTW SUP 2019 (9.5 & 10.6)


NAISH ALANA GTW SUP 2019 (9.5 & 10.6)


9.5 Alana - 

Built for performance and designed for women, Alana Series boards are born from the DNA of Naish’s most sought-after shapes.

Offering something for every paddler from beginner to elite, the line features stable shapes for cruising, touring and surfing.

Especially lightweight, thanks to an improved GTW construction, Alana boards offer versatility, style and room to grow.

The Alana 9’5” GTW is designed specifically for women who desire effortless waveriding, recreation cruising and easy transport. This shape is perfect for lighter riders in small surf and bigger riders wanting more stability in a shorter wave board. 

Ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/ 95 kg

10.6 Alana -

  • Brand/Model: Naish Alana GTX Stand-Up Paddle Board
  • Length: 10'6"
  • Width: 30"
  • Thickness: 4"
  • Volume: 160 litres
  • Weight of Board: 10.8 kg
  • Construction: The EPS foam core is lightweight and durable, and finished with a glass matrix deck and bottom, fibreglass reinforcement and bamboo inlay on the deck (visible from the mid-point to the nose) rounding off a great-looking board
  • SUP Type: It's in the "Women's All-around Classic" category of the Naish range, and can handle everything from casual flatwater cruising to cross-training to wave-riding in a classic longboard style
  • Outline and Performance Characteristics: Designed for smooth-riding performance and longboard control, the GTW 10'6" features a classic malibu outline, rounded in the nose and tail and ideal for cross-stepping and noseriding. This board is a consummate all-rounder and ideal for flatwater cruising, touring, training or surfing
  • Fin Set-Up: MFC centre-fin in a US fin box and 2 MFC 4.5" side fins (MFC standing for Maui Fin Company, run by watermen who really know their stuff)
  • Rider Ability: The GTW 10'6" is an easy-to-ride all-purpose design, but we'd recommend it for a rider who already has a fair bit of experience surfing and/or paddle-boarding. Controlling a board this big whilst on a wave can be hard work, so get some practise in smaller surf and away from the crowds if you're not an experienced surfer
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 91kg
  • About the Alana Range: Made specifically for women, the Alana range features modified versions of Naish's most successful shapes. Comprising everything from beginner-friendly inflatables to high-performance surf SUPs, these boards feature an extra lightweight construction and are easier to carry.
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