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9.2 Bic Performer (Used)
9.2 Bic Performer (Used)

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9.2 Bic Performer (Used)

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9.2 Bic Performer 

9'2 Performer ACE-TEC 2017 is the perfect Stand Up Paddleboard for smaller novice riders up to 68kg / 150lbs the BiC SUP 9'2 ACE-TEC Performer is a stable flat water cruiser that is compact and lightweight just 11kgs (24lbs), making it a breeze to transport, carry and store. For intermediate riders up to 80kgs (180lbs) it's the perfect surf SUP when you're ready to move to a shorter more maneuverable board. For larger riders the 9'2 will help take your surfing to new levels. All this in BIC SUP's legendary ACE-TEC construction for durability AND lightweight performance at a great price.
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