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Naish Mana Soft top 2020 (10 x 33)
Naish Mana Soft top 2020 (10 x 33)


Naish Mana Soft top 2020 (10 x 33)


10'0" x 33" x 4 3/4" = 190 L

Who is it for?
Paddlers who want performance with the added durability for family or rental center use.

What does it do?
Provide the comfort of a traditional soft top with the combination of composite board performance.

Why is it unique?
They are just as rigid at their GTW and GS counterparts, but with a comfortable deck from nose to tail, making them fun and easy for the whole family.

Mana boards are perfect for beginners and those looking to grow their SUP skills. With their wide outline and exaggerated wave design, Manas are incredibly stable, yet easy to maneuver in medium-to-small surf. Versatile and easy-to-store, they are the ideal choice for those seeking an easy, all-around cruiser with minimal height. The V bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker deliver great turning ability, while the ample width builds the confidence needed for riders to quickly feel at ease whether surfing or cruising.

The soft top edition offers a full EVA deck providing a comfortable playing area from nose to tail, making it suitable for families, schools and yoga practice. The crocodile grip is comfortable to the touch while providing incredible grip and the rails retain the composite construction for added durability and performance.

Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg

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