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Steve Brown

Steve started playing in the ocean around 8 years of age by lying on his dad’s back while he bodysurfed, this led to Steve bodysurfing at an early age and then progressing to riding a surf mat until he got his first surfboard at 13 while the original wall at Nth Cronulla was still there!

He was one of the original surf coaches starting back around 1990 and coached extensively throughout NSW with surfers such as Todd Mingramm, Blake, Ben & Adam Johnston, Matt Griggs, Andy King, Wylie Fowler, Dane Gorrel, Troy Dennehy (RIP), Koby Abberton, Tom Whittaker, Luke Hitchings and heaps more.

Steve also worked with surfboard and surfwear companies, NSW Surfriders Association and the Illawarra Academy of Sport in their surf camps and programs and took teams to National and International events. His videoing skills made him extremely sought out as a cameraman and supplied footage  for a large number of surfing videos throughout the 90’s.

With a lifetime of seeking optimal health and fitness and around 8 years working in the fitness industry he also competed in triathlons completing races in every race distance available. This gives Steve a very well rounded and knowledgeable base to help you get the most out of your time with Cronulla SUP. His entry into SUP was a result of shoulder surgery where he couldn’t surf but could SUP, from then on, it was another way for him to stay in the ocean…

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